Before you can begin advertising your property, showing it to prospective tenants, and negotiating the lease details, you need to make sure itís ready for the market. Well-maintained homes that show well and offer an inviting environment will rent faster to better tenants. Take the time to get your property ready for the rental market if you want the best results during your leasing process.

Today, we have some tips on getting that property ready.

Clean and Stage Your Property

Showing a vacant unit is typically easier than showing a home thatís still occupied. When you have a vacant home, you can really give it a good clean. Pay attention to the details. Dust behind and under all the appliances. Clean the baseboards and the ceiling fans. Make sure your bathroom sinks and tubs are sparkling, and remove any trash, debris, or belongings that were left behind by former tenants. A completely empty property will be ready for the rental market. You want prospective new tenants to walk in and immediately imagine themselves living there.

When you still have a tenant living in the home, youíll have to focus on staging it a bit. Make sure your tenant understands the importance of keeping the property clean so itís easy to show. Eliminate as much clutter as possible and demonstrate how livable the property really is.

Whether the property is occupied or vacant, you have to pay attention to the little things that will get the most attention. For example, weíve found that homes show better with nice window coverings. Make sure thereís some good landscaping and pleasant curb appeal. Turn on all the lights so itís bright. New paint and freshly steam cleaned carpets will make the home look new.

Make Sure Everything Works

Itís important that everything in the property works. You want to test all of your appliances, plumbing, and electrical functions before you put your home on the market. If youíre showing a property to tenants and the doors arenít locking or a window is breaking, they wonít want to hear your promises to fix it before they move in. Everything should be move-in ready when youíre preparing your home for the rental market. Donít list it if there is still work to be done. Schedule and complete the repairs and the maintenance first, and then list it.

Be Available for Showings

To rent your property quickly, you have to be available to tenants when they want to see it. Once your home is listed, be ready to respond to emails and answer questions. Allow prospective tenants to see the home when itís convenient for them. You can be there yourself to tell them more about the property or you can utilize some of the automated lockboxes and other technologies that will allow your prospective tenants to see the home on their own, without you.

When it comes to getting your property ready for the rental market, we can help. We will happily assist you in cost-effective ways to stage your rental better. Contact us at Bayshore Property Management to learn more.