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Can a Direct Payment be made from a joint account?

Yes. You can have your payment debited from any type of chequing account. Your Payorâs Authorization form must simply be signed in accordance with the account (either one, or both to sign together).

Do all financial institutions in Canada participate is the Direct Payment Program?

Yes. All financial institutions in Canada that offer Chequing accounts accept Direct Debit Payment and are enthusiastic about the program.

Do I get to choose the unit size I want?

You can indicate what type of unit you want to live in but your choice will be subject to occupancy standards that apply to household of your size.

Do you have to contact my financial institution to confirm my payments?

No. Your payments are debited to your account on the payment date. Also, many ATM (Automated Teller Machine) receipts provide up-to-the-minute balance information after a transaction has been approved.

How do I sign up for Pre-Authorized Payment?

Complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement available from our office or from this website (see Condominium Management); attach a blank cheque for your account marked VOID, and fax to our attention at 705-722-6242.

How long will it take until I am housed?

It is impossible for to estimate the length of time it may take before you will be offered accommodation. The waiting list works on a chronological basis which means that you are ranked according to the date of when we received your application. Your name is placed on all of the waiting lists by housing projects for which you applied and qualified for. Therefore, the more locations that you select, the more waiting lists your name will be placed on, thereby increasing your chances of being offered accommodation sooner.
The length of time that you may have to wait is dependent upon many things, for example, we cannot guess when current tenants may move out to create vacancies. In addition, before housing clients from the centralized waiting list, Bayshore must first transfer current tenants on their internal transfer list to alternate accommodation. The internal transfer list allows current tenants to move from one rent-geared-to-income unit to another rent-geared-to-income unit in the same or another housing project. Current tenants include Special Priority Status tenants, overhoused households and other priorities under the Bayshore Property Management transfer policy.

How much rent will I pay?

Rent geared to income is based on 30% of your gross monthly income, or if you are receiving Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, a social assistance rent scale. Additional charges may apply depending on the project (i.e. utilities).

How will I know how much is to be debited to my account?

You will receive from your financial institution a statement of account on a regular basis. The method of reporting is dependent upon your choice of account (passbook or mailed statement).

I have received a condominium information form. Where do I send it?

Please return the completed form to our office via fax at 705-722-6242 or via mail to head office. Our mailing address is:

Bayshore Property Management Inc.
P.O. Box 606
Barrie, ON L4M 4V1

Is Pre-Authorized Payment available for everyone?

This payment method is only available to Condominium owners whose Condominium Board of Directors has approved it.

What are the key rule changes under the Social Housing Reform Act?

In 2000, the Ontario Government set out some new rules for non-profit, co-op and public housing.

  • You now have only 20 business days to report changes.
  • If you receive subsidy (that is, pay rent-geared-to-your-income) and:Â your income goes up or down someone moves in or out of your unit your citizenship status changes then you must write to your housing provider within 20 business days. If you miss the 20 business day deadline, you may lose your subsidy.
  • Everyone 16 years and over must now sign the lease.
  • Minimum rents are now $85.
  • You must make a “reasonable effort” to obtain income you may qualify for, including: Ontario Works Old Age Security (OAS) or the Canada Pension (CPP) Employment Insurance (EIB) Money promised to you under an immigration sponsorship agreement Child support payments Note: you do not have to pursue any source of income that would put your safety at risk.
  • If you are overhoused you must move to a smaller unit.
  • If you have fewer people in your unit than the rules allow, you will be placed at the top of your housing provider’s waiting list. If no suitable units become vacant within 12 months, then you will be placed on the municipality’s central waiting list. If you refuse three offers of a smaller unit, you will lose your subsidy.
  • You have the right to appeal decisions.
  • You can ask for a review if you believe: a decision is based on wrong information (eg. decisions relating to special priority status, arrears owing, not eligible or removal from the centralized waiting list, etc) your rent is not calculated correctly you have been wrongly cut off subsidy you have been wrongly asked to move because you are overhoused
  • If you disagree with a decision, you must write to the office where the decision was made within 10 business days. The review will be carried out by someone who was not involved in the original decision.

What are the main services that Bayshore Property Management Inc. provides?

Bayshore Property Management provides a number of services in the property management industry for tenants, landlords, and corporate property owners alike.

Our main services include:

- Full Service Management of Residential Properties
- Property Maintenance Program
- Condominium Management
- Property Associations Management
- Non-profit / Government Assisted Property Management
- Investment Analysis
- Residential Tenancy Act and Small Claims Court Actions
- Lease Only and Lease Renewal Programs

More information about any of these particular services can be located within our Services section of our website, or directly by clicking on one of the services under the find out more section to the right.

What happens if I change financial institutions or accounts?

You complete a new authorization form and attach a void cheque with your new account information on it. Return the complete form to our office for updating of our records.

What types of accounts accept Direct Payments?

Most types—– savings, chequing, etc. can accept direct payments. Check with your financial institution for details on accounts to which Direct Payments can be made.

When will Bayshore Property Management Inc. contact me about my housing application?

Bayshore does not review Social Housing applications. For questions regarding your application please contact the County in which you applied.

Who is eligible for Social Housing?

At least one member in your household must be 16 years or older. The application must be signed by all members of the household 16 years and older. You must be a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant, or have Refugee Claimant Status and have no deportation order under the Immigration Act (Canada) against any member of the household or no departure order or exclusion order under the Immigration Act (Canada) has become effective with respect to any member of the household. You must not owe arrears to any social housing provider or have misrepresented your household income. If you own a house, you must agree to sell it within six months of being housed. In Simcoe County you may not have assets worth more than $50,000. You can be placed on awaiting list for housing but you will be ineligible if you have more than $50,000 at the time of being offered a unit. You should verify the asset limits of the County in which you will be living.

Will my account number remain confidential?

Yes. Your account number will be completely private. It will only be used to debit your payments from your account.