Find and Keep Good Tenants

In order to attract and keep good tenants, your property will need to have a track record of being well managed. Since it costs time and money to place a qualified tenant, it makes sense to do whatever you can to limit your tenant turnover. Tenant satisfaction should be a high priority.

The experience and efficiency that a professional property manager brings to the table could give your property the edge in a competitive market. It's good to ask a prospective management company: "What is your average turnover rate?" Their answer will help you determine if you could benefit from their experience in this area.

The reality is that strong tenant retention numbers donít just happen, they are the result of consistent, quality service and a pre-planned tenant retention program. A tenant retention program can start small and can include inexpensive things like seasonal greeting cards and minor amenities that let tenants know management cares.

Tenant satisfaction means longer tenancies and happier tenants that have fewer disputes and complaints. Keep reading for a list of questions for property management companies about their tenant retention programs.