Recipe for Stress-Free AGM Preparation

Preparing for an AGM involves a lot of work and can be quite stressful. The new Act adds a few new requirements, but also provides a few ways to facilitate things.

As is always the case, the trick is to plan ahead, plan in detail, and execute the plan in a timely manner. There are no workarounds and no shortcuts!

Here are a few tips to help you do the job in as stress-free a manner as possible.

First off, if you havenít already done so, make sure that you have the consent of as many owners as you can to receive notices electronically. This will substantially reduce your workload by cutting down on the number of AGM packages that you have to print, collate and mail. Download the electronic notice form from CAO website, make the necessary adjustments and email it to all unit owners (or mail it to those with no email on file), advising them that by consenting to receive notices electronically, they will save the cost of printing and mailing. Donít forget to specify a deadline for them to reply back. It is important to send a follow-up reminder for those who have not responded within two weeks.

Now to the actual AGM prep.

Give yourself two months from the tentative date of the AGM. Prepare a check-list.

Suggest a preferred date (with one or two alternatives) and get the boardís approval. Pre-book the room for all those dates. Then invite the auditor, minute taker, district manager and the lawyer (if necessary). Having alternative dates allows you to finalize the date with all parties without having to go back to the board for new dates, should someone not be able to attend in your preferred date. Finalize the booking of the room.

In the meantime, start working on your

  • AGM Notice,
  • Notice for Nomination to the Board,
  • Presidentís Letter,
  • Proxy Forms (download from CAO website and fill the relevant sections), and
  • Ballots.

Also, donít forget to arrange for the chairs and tables if necessary.

Once you have a list of those owners who have agreed to receive notices electronically, make a list of the rest that should receive the AGM package in the mail. Get your envelopes, labels and papers ready.

As soon as you receive the Auditorsí Report and Presidentís Letter, you are ready to put your package together. It should include:

  • Presidentís letter
  • Minutes of last yearís meeting
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Copy of current insurance
  • Proxy forms
  • Any new rule or by-law
  • A copy of PIC (if the date youíre sending out the package is within five months of your financial year-end)
  • Candidateís resumes

The package must be ready to mail or email 17 days before the AGM.

Start following up with the owners three days after youíve sent the package to ensure quorum will be reached.

Set up a meeting with your board a week or so before the AGM to review the logistics and go over last yearís achievements and challenges to prepare for what will come up in the meeting.

At the time of the meeting, be sure to have on-hand a list of owners for registration, the ballot box and enough pens and pencils. And donít forget to order your food and drinks in advance. Good luck!