The goal of most rental property owners is to find a great tenant quickly, and for the most amount of rent.

To do that, you have to make sure everyone knows that you have a property for rent. Whatís the best way to do that? Technology has provided us with an easy way to advertise and market your home, and itís important to use all the tools and resources that are available when youíre advertising your Barrie rental property.

Online Advertising for Rental Properties

Online advertising is crucial and will almost always deliver the best results. Nearly every potential tenant will begin their search for a new home on the internet. At Bayshore, we post all of our available listings on our website, which gets a lot of traffic. We have a rental portal where tenants looking for homes can see what we have available, scroll through pictures, and contact us for showings.

Hundreds of rental sites are also available online to tenants looking for properties, and we make sure to post listings on those as well. When weíre leasing your property, you can expect to see the home on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, and dozens of other classified sites and rental pages. We are part of several rental board groups, where weíre able to share your listing and get attention from prospective tenants.

Make sure youíre aggressive with online advertising. Hanging flyers and signs might get you some attention, but most of the great tenants youíre trying to reach are looking online.

High Quality Photography and Videos

Photos of your rental properties are absolutely critical. They have to be high-quality, professional grade photos. Donít snap some quick shots with your phone. Take the time to ensure you have the right lighting and you get the best angles. Youíll want to include pictures of things like the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms. If thereís outside space, include a photo of that, and always have a picture of the front of the property. You should also have photos of any special features that will get your unit some attention. Maybe thereís a renovated bathroom or new appliances in the kitchen. Take photos of the large shower or the high ceilings.

Most prospective tenants will look at pictures first. Theyíll also watch videos. Do a walk-through video of your property so people can really get a feel for how itís laid out.

Offering a Rent-Ready Rental Home

The most important thing you can do when advertising your rental property is to make certain itís rent-ready. Tenants will want to imagine themselves settling in immediately, so donít advertise a home that isnít ready for occupancy. The property is best advertised when itís vacant so that everything can be cleaned out. Pay attention to details. Homes show better when there are window coverings and some nice curb appeal. Create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere so tenants get excited about your property.

If the home still has a tenant in it, you can still do some advertising and even some showings, just make sure itís clean and staged. New paint, clean carpets, and a nice smell will always make an impact on prospective renters.

When you need help advertising your rental property, contact us at Bayshore Property Management. Weíd be happy to be your resource.