Even the best tenant screening process can result in conflicts and disputes with your renters Ė or a situation thatís even more complex. Good tenants can turn into bad tenants, especially if theyíre dealing with significant life changes, such as divorce or job loss.

Remember that when dealing with tenants who are causing problems, you must remain professional. It can be difficult not to get emotional, but remaining calm and following systematic processes will help you have a successful outcome.

We have some tips on what you should do when a good tenant goes bad.

Preemptive Measures: Tenant Screening and Communication

Do your best with a rigorous, consistent tenant screening process. If you thoroughly check for criminal backgrounds, bad credit, and negative responses from former landlords, you will be able to protect yourself against potential disasters. Verify employment and income and make sure the tenant has good references before you approve the application.

Communication is also helpful. If you can establish a good relationship with your tenants from the start of the lease period, they may feel more comfortable coming to you when they are having problems. When you and your tenant are honest and transparent with one another, things donít have to escalate into catastrophes. Make positive and proactive communication a priority.

Document Everything

Documentation is always important when weíre talking about property management and landlord/tenant relationships. Itís especially important when you have a tenant who isnít paying rent or following the terms of your lease. Make sure you document every phone call and each attempt at resolving whatever issue is causing problems. Keep copies of letters and notices that you send. Maintain a timeline that demonstrates what the tenant has done or not done, and make sure you have a good, strong lease in place. This can protect you if you need to use the courts to remove your tenant.

Get Some Professional Property Management Help

If you have a tenant who is not paying rent or causing property damage or being a nuisance to the neighbors, we recommend you get immediate help from an attorney or a professional Barrie property management company. If you suspect illegal activities are occurring or your tenant has become hostile or non-responsive, you need to turn this over to a professional who has experience with these sorts of situations.

Our team includes a paralegal who takes care of the lease enforcement and any landlord/tenant legal issues that may come up during the course of a tenancy. Itís helpful to have the tools and the resources directly from our office to take care of these problems. We also understand the court process and what we need to do if an eviction or other legal action becomes necessary.

Even if youíre an experienced landlord, you shouldnít feel like you have to deal with a terrible tenant on your own. Let us use some of our expertise to resolve the issue for you and restore your investment property to the successful, well-maintained home that we know you want to provide for good tenants.

Contact us at Bayshore Property Management, and letís talk about how we can help.