Real estate investors who are looking for a great market have several good reasons to consider Barrie. Whether you’re hoping to buy your first rental property or your strategy is to continue growing an existing portfolio, we think Barrie can deliver.

Take a look at your investment goals and plans. When you’re ready to consider an investment property in Ontario, we’d be happy to talk to you further about why this market makes an exceptional option.

Barrie Investment Properties and Location

Whatever your investment goals happen to be, you’re always going to pay attention to location. Luckily, Barrie has exactly what you want in a profitable investment location. It’s in central Ontario, next to both the Kempenfelt Bay and Lake Simcoe. The quality of life here is incredibly high, drawing visitors and residents from all over North America. People love living here, and that’s because of its ideal location and beautiful way of life.

Another benefit to Barrie’s location is that Toronto is very close by. It’s possible to get to the city in about an hour, making this a potential commuter hotspot. People can easily work in Toronto and live in Barrie, and the proximity provides additional cultural and recreational opportunities for local residents.

Barrie’s Economy is Growing

Barrie is enjoying a strong economy, and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t continue to grow. There are tons of jobs; the residents are well-employed and comfortable spending money. We offer comfortable suburban living for commuters, and Barrie is a perfect location for anyone who wants to live outside of the major cities. It’s a great place for people to start families and put down roots.

At one point, Barrie was the fastest growing city in North America. We are happy to tell you that it’s still growing, and providing a strong real estate market for local and out-of-town investors.

Strong Tenant Pool and Potential for Return on Investment (ROI)

Barrie is the sixth most expensive rental market in Canada. This tells you that as an investor, there is money to be made here. The market supports a strong tenant pool, and these renters are willing to pay high rents for an attractive, well-maintained home. You can expect your ROI to climb pretty reliably. Not only will your rents go up every year, but also you’ll have plenty of appreciation on your property. Home values are on the rise, and when you buy an investment and hold onto it, you have an exceptional chance to earn a lot of profit on your asset.

In Barrie, landlords enjoy renting to tenants who are reliable, stable, and capable of earning high wages. Both the market and the tenant pool are robust, leading to high occupancy rates and low vacancy numbers.

We know investors have a lot of options when it comes to buying real estate in Canada and throughout North America. We think Barrie offers some unique opportunities, and we hope you’ll agree. Contact us at Bayshore Property Management, and we’d be happy to talk about your personal investment situation.