CCI International

The Canadian Condominium Institute is the Voice of Condominium in Canada. It is a national, independent, non-profit organization dealing exclusively with condominium issues. Formed in 1982, CCI represents all participants in the condominium community. Interested groups are encouraged to work together toward one common goal -- creating a successful and viable condominium community.

  • Is the only national association to serve as a clearing house and research centre on condominium issues and activities across the country.
  • Assists its members through education, information dissemination, publications, workshops, conferences and technical assistance.
  • Encourages and provides objective research or practitioners and government agencies regarding all aspects of condominium operations.
  • Lobbies provincial and federal governments for improvements to legislation.
  • Advocates for higher standards in all services to the condominium client.

CCI operates primarily through Chapters across the country. The National membership meets once each fall for the Annual General Meeting, held in Toronto. Day to day business at the National level is conducted through the National Board, its Executive and its manager, Taylor Enterprises.

Phone: (416) 491-6216
Fax: (416) 491-1670
Email: info@cci.ca
Web: www.cci.ca

2800 - 14th Ave. Suite 210
Markham, Ontario, L3R 0E4